Sascha Funke

“Genex 1”

PERMVAC189-1 scanZoom inLabelPermanent Vacation
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Tracklist A The Swarm B1 Geisterfahrer B2 Peace Bell Shortinfo: Ever since his first exposure to euro-dance pop as a twelve year-old kid, Berlin native Sascha Funke followed the siren call of electronic music. By now he has carved out a spot at the forefront on leading edge dance music through delivering the goods. From his early Bpitch and Kompakt years (Tracks like “Bravo” or “Mango” became some sort of alltime classics), The Saschienne project with his partner in crime Julienne Dessagne aka Fantastic Twins, his synth wave and post punk inspired album Lotus Land, twisted Piano House on Turbo, Krautrock spheres on Multi Culti to hypnotizing psychedelic on Hippie Dance. The Genex EP is his first full on EP for Permanent Vacation (watch out for Vol.2)! Here, Sascha proves once more that he definitely needs his own record shop section: three genre bending tracks, full of quirky yet poppy melodies between cosmic trance, space techno and leftfield italo to light up the Bengalos on any dance floor.

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