Pepe Bradock

“Dactilonomy I”

ATA021 scanZoom inLabelAtavisme
Cat. No.ATA021
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Ltd 12″, Sleeve Including Artwork by Pepe. Tracklist: A1: AUDIO JEWELS B1: MATTITHYAHU Infotext: First Chapter of Dactylonomy, a 12 inch pentalogy , Dumb Thumb, starts as a fat dusty fingerprint, with two mirroring enlightening tracks that are more than happy to benefit from the joys of hitchhiking on their way to dance-floor welfare. A metronomical & alphabetical choreography, based on an incognito personality, trailblazing kick drums, fragile synths stares, double edge sword chords, ghostly snippets and all that jazz. Audio Jewels is a bouncy signature track that should get you high as a kite, responding to the Mattatyahu, which is a three act play anticipating the coming chapter 2 with its abstract bit carving, frequency shifting, mono merciful tones & precise hopeful echoes, along with a 303+808+909 coda for vintage calendars fans out there. Designed for serious back up. What else ? If 6 is Harmony and 126 Beats Per Minutes , then surely ATA 21=126 / 6 Remember that the best is yet to come. Can U dig it ?

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