Keith Mansfield

“Contempo (kpm) (lp)” | “2021 Re-issue, 180g Vinyl, Remastered Au”

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Format Notes: 2021 re-issue, 180g vinyl, remastered audio from the original tapes Territories: Worldwide no restrictions Track List: A1 : The Fix (03:18) A2 : What’s Cooking (03:51) A3 : Cut To Music (04:44) A4 : Man Alive (02:58) A5 : Funky Footage (02:40) B1 : Breezin’ (03:16) B2 : Good Vibrations (04:39) B3 : Sun Goddess (05:20) B4 : Love Deluxe (04:36) B5 : Snake Hips (03:42) Release Notes: They Say: “New directions in contemporary scoring”. We say: Contempo is one of the best full album listens in the KPM 1000 library. Succinct smoking soul, super tight breaks and string-drenched sleaze composed by the library master, Keith Mansfield. The creator of the romping tunes that became the iconic themes to the BBC’s Grandstand programme and their televised Wimbledon Tennis Championship coverage, Keith Mansfield was perhaps KPM’s most prolific artist from the mid 1960s right the way through the 1980s. As well as the sort of pop orchestral sound that is all over these classic library records, he could also turn his hand to raw, edgy rock and funk. Quentin Tarantino is a big fan, going as far as including some of Keith’s work on the soundtracks to Kill Bill and Grindhouse. Many library records are a game of two halves and Contempo is certainly one of those. The first side cooks on a high funk breaks flame whilst the flip is something altogether more tranquil, yet no less groovy. It lays back with dreamier, post-coital grooves. Rugged funk opener “The Fix” confidently displays its low slung languid grooves with heavy drums, horns and bass. Smokin’ in slow motion. The punchy “What’s Cooking” follows and has a lighter, more whimsical touch. But the drums still roll and the clavs wiggle in fascinating opposition to those horns. The dark and moody intro to “Cut To Music” gives way to a more inclusive, relaxed funk that’s all irresistible bass and stabbing horns. The mid-tempo “Man Alive” signals the time to really get down. A percussive m

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