April 25, 2019

Placebo (Marc Moulin) - Live 1971 (180g,half Speed,obi,sticker)

WRJ005LTDFor fans of jazz-funk, soul jazz, spaced out sounds,fusion, deep solos, Belgian magic, Montreux Jazz Festival, Soft Machine, Weather Report, epic suites for the mind travelers, cognac by the fireplace. - First ever release of the first ever live performance and recording by Marc Moulin’s Placebo available on 180g vinyl mastered at half speed. Tracklisting A1 Showbiz Suite (part 1) 14:37 B2 Showbiz Suite (part 2) 11:31 Info We Release Jazz is ecstatic to present its fifth release (following Ryo Fukui’s Scenery and Mellow Dream, Le Cercle Rouge’s soundtrack by Eric Demarsan and Stuff Combe 5 + Percussion), the first ever live performance and recording by Marc Moulin’s sought-after jazz-funk band Placebo, captured at Casino Kursaal during the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1971 and never released before. Placebo’s Live 1971 is available in a limited edition 180g vinyl mastered at half speed, housed in a 350gsm sleeve with UV coating and an obi strip. June 17th, 1971, the Montreux Riviera, its delightful microclimate and postcard scenery, its fabled music history and the luscious wines of the region. A dream setting for Marc Moulin to lead his ensemble on a 26 minutes+ jazz adventure - Nick Kletchkovsky on bass, Freddy Rottier on drums, Johnny Dover on bass clarinet, Alex Scorier on soprano saxophone, and Richard Rousselet on flugelhorn. The magic of that night is dripping through Placebo’s sumptuous “Showbiz Suite", a soulful piece in two parts in which every instrument gets enough room to shine, smoothly navigating between cozy cognac-by-the-fireplace funk and heartfelt grittiness, served with a pinch of Soft Machine vibes. It’s the night Placebo was born, when foundations were laid for three classic albums: Ball of Eyes (on which you can hear a shorter studio version of “Showbiz Suite"), 1973, and their final self-titled album. 


April 12, 2019

Kap Bambino - Dust, Fierce, Forever (2LP + CD)

Rights: World excluding France Special (CD Version here)
Kap Bambino puts an end to the wait and comes back with a new album: “Dust, Fierce, Forever". Praised for his explosive live shows, the band has always built its career in and outside of France, appearing in some of the biggest international festivals like Glastonbury or Austin’s South By Southwest in 2009. Staying true to their unique identity, Caroline Martial (voice) and Orion Bouvier (machines) remain the dark and mysterious duo we’ve known since their album ‘Blacklist’, capable of unleashing a unique and irrepressible vital force. With 13 brand new songs “Dust, Fierce, Forever” wonderfully demonstrates the strength of the duo: playing with familiar tones, euro-dance references, hints of hardcore, and combining them into an addictive chemistry.
Remarks: Collector 2LP in gatefold sleeve with black paper inner-sleeves. CD included. 


April 12, 2019

Oliver Koletzki - Remix Tales (CD+Download & EP)

SVT246CD(EP Version here) While working on his next full-length album, the Berlin-based artist, DJ and label-owner Oliver Koletzki looks back onto an impressive career and a plethora of styles and moods, best exemplified by the diverse set of remixes he’s been crafting for prolific friends and outstanding musicians for close to a decade. For ‘Remix Tales’, Oliver has now complied his personal favorites, with some previously unreleased, high-impact material forming the icing on the cake. Stylistically, ‘Remix Tales’ exemplifies Oliver’s chameleon-like approach in the studio, as dynamics shift from organic dreaminess to high-octane club-fare, all held together by the trademark musicality that shines through every single Koletzki production. While recent remix highlights such as Monolink’s ‘Swallow’ or Giorgia Angiuli’s ‘Nothing to Lose’ rub shoulders with classics like HVOB’s ‘Dogs’ and Cassius’ ‘Toop Toop’, it’s the inclusion of Oliver’s previously unreleased 2017 rework of Howling’s ‘We Stole The Night’, as well as the freshly remixed Koletzki & Schwind track ‘Camps Bay’, that add unexpected and particularly precious twists and turns to this rollercoaster of an anthology. Enjoy the ride!
1. Oliver Koletzki - A Tribe Called Kotori (Oliver Koletzki’s Woodfloor Remix)
2. HVOB - Dogs (Oliver Koletzki Remix)
3. Monolink - Swallow (Oliver Koletzki Remix)
4. Sam Shure - Nandoo (Oliver Koletzki Remix) 
5. Koletzki & Schwind - Camps Bay (Oliver Koletzki Remix) 
6. Chopstick & Johnjon - Pining Moon (Oliver Koletzki Remix) 
7. Howling - Stole the Night (Oliver Koletzki Remix) 
8. Giorgia Angiuli - Nothing to Lose (Oliver Koletzki Remix) 
9. Fünf Sterne Deluxe - Dein Herz schlägt schneller (Oliver Koletzki Remix) 
10. Channel X feat. Jake the Rapper - Snug Descent (Oliver Koletzki Remix) 
11. Cassius - Toop Toop (Oliver Koletzki Remix)
12. Fran - We Are Planets (Oliver Koletzki Remix)


April 12, 2019

Fazer - Nadi (LP & CD)

SQM001(CD Edition here) Munich quintet Fazer are set to release their second album ‘Nadi’ on 12th April 2019. ‘Nadi’ follows the underground success of their self-released debut ‘Mara’, which quickly sold out on vinyl and became one of the most streamed jazz records of the year. Short Info: Munich quintet Fazer are set to release their second album ‘Nadi’ on 12th April 2019. ‘Nadi’ follows the underground success of their self-released debut ‘Mara’, which quickly sold out on vinyl and became one of the most streamed jazz records of the year. Moving freely between composition and improvisation, the band’s spacious, organic sound pitches lyrical melodies from guitar and trumpet over double-drummer polyrhythmic grooves and dub-like basslines. The album title ‘Nadi’ references a term rooted in traditional Indian medicine. Nadis are channels that connect points of intensity within the body. This reflects the band’s feeling while playing of moving as one body. Contrary to the creation of the group’s debut album ‘Mara’, both the writing and recording sessions for ‘Nadi’ were completed in relatively short periods of time.

Tracklist LP:
A1 Pop Up
A2 Atuo
A3 Blitzer
A4 Lina
B1 Harlesden
B2 Twin Drum
B3 Jetty
B4 Wasi
180g + Downloadcode + Extra Sticker inside


April 12, 2019

Tiger & Woods - AOD (CD & LP)

RBLP13(CD Edition here) Unshrouded in mystery: what once started as an anonymous underground project with stamped white labels and a clever take on sampling, has since then unfolded to be one of the longest-running and most successful teams in current dance music. Nurtured by the sounds of the past and blessed with the techniques of today, the music of Tiger & Woods always kept evolving in and around the tropes of disco, house and boogie. Classic dance music, if you will. Celebrating the 10th anniversary this year, Marco Passarani and Valerio Delphi managed to arrive at album number three. “A.O.D.” is a pun on A.O.R. (adult oriented rock) and a play on their own sound. Defying the restricting rules electronic music record shop crates, it’s a departure and an arrival at the same time. Inspired by the faded buildings and images of discotheques on the Italian countryside, the romantic start and bittersweet endings of summer, beach life and the excitement of travelling through the landscape to get to aforementioned temples of dance and subsequently the morning after. Except for the 100% sample-free “1:00 am”, everything on “A.O.D.” is based on a quiver of cleared samples from the Roman institution that is Claudio Donato and his Full Time and Goodymusic emporium. In Tiger & Woods hometown Rome, the often very electronic and futuristic sound of Italo Disco had a different twist. Much more boogie-based and influenced by the song-writing styles of New York City’s dance scene, it played in a league of its own. Tiger & Woods use these materials to take them apart, out of context and into contrasting areas. Molding something completely new, one gets fooled to recognize Sade songs that aren’t, pop music instrumentals and a reprise of memories that never existed. 
A1. Forever Summer 
A2. Warning Fails
A3. A Lovely Change 
A4. Night Quake
B1. The Bad Boys 
B2. Salsaro Ete 
B3. 1:00AM 
B4.  Kelly McGillis 


April 9, 2019

Stefan Goldmann - Tacit Script (CD)

macrom57cdThe music in this album is derived from works originally commissioned for the five hour music theatre work ALIF, as premiered at Berlin’s MaerzMusik Festival of 2016. Revised from 2017 to 2019 for the album format, the works herein are an excellent representation of Stefan Goldmann’s ongoing investigation of the wider potentials of techno.  Tacit Script builds its own network of interdependent grids in which sound objects move and thrive along multiple dimensions. All frequencies fall into custom scales, developed individually for each track and generated by bending the standard chromatic system. Most electronically produced music operates with a 1V per octave tuning which is divided into 12 equally spaced steps, equivalent to the piano keyboard. Stefan Goldmann skews or stretches this variable in order to achieve different microtonal spacings, wider or narrower, thus eliminating the octave – commonly a fixture in most music. Intervals might thus be at 75 or 110 or 138% of their ‘regular’ ratio. Melodic objects then traverse these unfamiliar spectral structures, singing electric songs with alien voices. Divergent metric layers drift apart, only to be pulled back together at critical points. Clearly pulsed elements hammer out persistent patterns, yet complex polymetric friction persists over long stretches of time. Altern-ating continuous sweeps and abrupt shifts through wavetables define the highly synthetic, yet organically developing timbres of Tacit Script. Relentless repetition is the force which yields coherent composite shapes in this setting. The results are emphatically in the realm of techno – what is being pushed forward are the interrelations of its constituent layers.