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Yl Hooi - Untitled (LP+DL)

Feb 26, 2021 es017 Always In Jokes Short info: Initially conceived as a short-run cassette for Altered States Tapes, YL Hooi’s nameless collection of textural apparitions oscillate between icy DIY minimalism, FX-drenched atmospherics and nang chamber dub. A ghost-like transmission, Hooi’s voice serves to anchor an array of sonic abstractions and impressionistic melodic motifs as a sense of purgatorial ambience dominates throughout. Co-produced with alleged fellow Kallista Kult member Tarquin Manek (LST, M. Quake), Untitled’s ultimate sensation is its halfway state, as if caught between Read the whole story

Steve Moore - Analog Sensitivity (kpm) (LP)

Feb 26, 2021 bewith097LP
When a synth master like Steve Moore joins forces with the legendary KPM, magic must materialise. And so it does with Analog Sensitivity: cinematic, enigmatic synthscapes to both haunt and heal.
New York-based multi-instrumentalist/producer/film composer Steve Moore is probably best known for his synthesizer and bass guitar work as Zombi, together with Anthony Paterra. But he is also part of Miracle and Titan as well as being a prolific solo artist releasing music as Gianni Rossi, Lovelock and under his own name. Steve’s music has found a home across labels like Future Times,
Read the whole story

Viola Renea - Syguiria Lady (CD, With Kyou Rec. Japan)

Oct 2, 2020 SL107-KYOU035Special remarks : Remastered LP with insert & new liner notes (full size art insert+notes) Follow up to the labels previous release -NZ 80s compilation ‘Kiwi Animals’ Syguiria Lady is the first full reissue album for Strangelove. For fans of current Japanese music revival Tracklist: 1. Amitoung Ashyljoung 2. Vimana Beam 3. Faros Faras Island 4. Soma Yana 5. Maya Candra 6. Samsara 7. Polaris Line 8. Chariot Of Palace Short info: Strangelove is proud to present the first ever reissue of ‘Syguira Lady’, an eerie and absorbing ride through the rich Read the whole story


Mar 19, 2020

 dear all, we hope that all of you and yours are well.

we will update you from now on on this central position and via email to customers and labels.

as we know that you get all kind of information to absorb right now - we will keep it as basic and condensed as possible, but as complete as necessary.

here´s the current situation at wordandsound. Thursday 19.3.2020-

first of all:

many of you come back to us to ask for advice on what is the "best" in this situation, keep releasing, or to postpone, or to stop for

Read the whole story

Move D & Benjamin Brunn - Let's Call It A Day (2LP, Gatefold Cover)

Jan 22, 2020 smallvillelp13Tracklist 2LP: A1 On The Magic Bus A2 Grains B1 A B2 Let’s Call It A Day C1 O C2 C-Sick D1 Magnetically Levitated Train Release Info: Can music be classic and contemporary at the same time? Can it contain a secret genetic code in which the summary of the past, the present pulse, and the future view are hidden? Be ahead of its time and not lose relevance along the way? "Let’s Call it A Day" the first album collaboration of German authors Move D (David Moufang) and Benjamin Brunn, which first appeared on a CD on Bine Music in 2006, now remastered by Calyx and on Vinyl Read the whole story

Mim Suleiman - Si Bure (2LP)

Dec 6, 2019 RBBTLP22LP & CD Special Remarks : 5mm Sleeve Tracklist A1 Shukuru Intro A2. Aruka A3 Shukuru Part 2 A4. Usiogope B1. Na Mia B2. Uutu B3. Shukuru Part 3 B4. Kuemenora C1. Haki C2. Ama Kweli C3. Shukuru Part 4 D1. Were D2. Patosha D3. Shukuru Release Info: ‘’BubbleTease Communications and Running Back team up once again for Mim Suleiman’s fifth studio album on vinyl and compact disc. During the course of Si Bure you will find Mim at her very best. It’s easy to imagine the Zanzibar-born-UK-based vocalist and percussionist dancing and prancing to the 14 songs Read the whole story


April 22nd
  1. EXCLS2LP Aaliyah — “I Care 4 U (2lp)” BLACKGROUND RECORDS
  2. EXCLS2LP Aaliyah — “Aaliyah (2lp)” BLACKGROUND RECORDS
March 25th
  6. EXCLS-LP Ashley Parker Angel — “Soundtrack To Your Life” BLACKGROUND RECORDS/ EMPIRE RECORDS
  8. EXCLS3LP Aaliyah — “Ultimate Aaliyah (3lp)” BLACKGROUND RECORDS
  9. EXCLS2LP V.a. — “Exit Wounds (2lp)” BLACKGROUND RECORDS
  10. EXCLS2LP V.a. — “Romeo Must Die (2lp)” BLACKGROUND RECORDS
  11. EXCLS2LP Timbaland & Magoo — “Under Construction, Part Ii (2lp)” BLACKGROUND RECORDS
  12. EXCLS2LP Timbaland & Magoo — “Indicent Proposal (2lp)” BLACKGROUND RECORDS
  13. EXCLS2LP Timbaland — “Tim's Bio: From The Motion Picture” BLACKGROUND RECORDS

Media and DJ comments

P. Lopez — “Emulation (vinyl Only)” on COUNTERCHANGE RECORDINGS

DJ: “ Blawan (Ternesc) (Berlin) : all aboard >>>>>>> sick stuff Benjamin Damage (50Weapons) wrote at 6:22PM on August 4th, 2021 Solid release! Luke Hess (DeepLabs) (DETROIT, MI ): Cool EP - thank you. Mirella Kroes (Amsterdam): M_File! Joton (Newrhythmic Recs ) (Leon ) : nice stuff! thx Truncate (Los Angeles): M File is pretty dope Funk D'Void (Soma Quality) (Barcelona): Nice stuff, I liked the first track Jon Hester (Dystopian): Big vibes across the whole EP!! voiski (Super95) (IVRY SUR SEINE): Emulation is so grooovyyy <3 really nice EP can't wait to play it:) Dense & Pika (Kneaded Pains / Hypercolour) (London): killer Angel Molina (30D) (Barcelona): Efficient oldschool sound, 'M_File' for me in here. Thanks. Mor Elian (BERLIN): sick Cassegrain (Arcing Seas ) (Berlin): YES bombsss JP Enfant (Enfant Music) (AMSTERDAM): M_file is my fav and also can really appreciate the other tracks. Thanks! CTRLS (Future Awkward) (Copenhagen): 91.6 for me. thanks! Thor (Thule Records) (Hafnarfjordur): nice techno Nihad Tule (Sloboda) (Norrköping): M-File is the one for me, thanks! Jason Kendig (Honey Soundsystem): loving these Renato Cohen: Yeah!!! Emulation and M_File Ohm (Thule Records): M file is amazing Great release Stefan Alexis (Counterchange): Emulation!!!!!!!!! BOOM Nuno Dos Santos (UTRECHT): M file is cool !! Remy Unger : Like this, thanks! Perc (Perc Trax): MC Loops is perfect for my sets, thanks. Laurent Garnier (Puyvert) : Realy into M FILE & Emulation Fred P / Black Jazz Consortium (Perpetual Sound) (BERLIN): Dope.... Lord Of The Isles (ESP Institute / Dusk Delay) (Edinburgh): Feeling M_File! thanks Iron Curtis (Acid Test Mule Smallville ) (Berlin): M_File is the one! thank you BMG (DETROIT) : really enjoying emulation and MC loops”


DJ: “Massimiliano Pagliara: „great stuff! <3“ Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco): „YES YES HOT HOT COVER TOO“ Younger Than Me (Tusk Wax, XXX): „Strong EP! Number Of Names our fav for sure! thanks“ Perel (DFA): „nice! thank you“ Jennifer Cardini (Crosstown Rebels/Correspondant): „cool! thanks“ Chloe (LARJ/ BPitchControl): „number of names is the one! thanks“ Curses (Rinse France/Ombra/Dischni Autunno): excellent release! full support“ Red Axes (I´m A Cliche): „Thanks! Peza (A&R Edits): Some great grooves on here, Number Of Names bassline is ace“ Andrew Claristidge: „Very solid Pack“ Sam Berdah (Club Bizarre): „ROTCIV always delivers“ Craig Bratley: „Great EP, Soundwaves is the standout cut“ Support from John Digweed in his Bunker Sessions, Les Yeux Orange, Deep House Amsterdam, Local Suicide, Bill Brewster, Wicked Style, Why People Dance, 44100Hz Social Club ”

Jorkes & Hard Ton - Cross The Line — “(massimiliano Pagliara,jackmate/soulphic” on PAULS MUSIQUE / FREERIDE MILLENIUM

DJ: “Laurent Garnier (F Communications) „cool RMX by Jackmate & Soulphiction.“ Andrew Weatherall „If Mr Pagliara has ever done a bad remix I've never heard it. The man's a guarantee of quality and this is no exception.“ Chloe (Live At Robert Johnson / Bpitch) „love the Massimilano remix!“ Jimpster (Freerange) „That Jackmate Dub!“ Jennifer Cardini (Crosstown Rebels / Dirt Crew) „Love the original the most! Happy to play Hard Ton Baci boy :)“ MEDIA: Radio CLANDESTINO Podcast / KMAH UK„Nice OG, I think I'm more likely to play Pagliara Mix.“ Radio Rotationz (Top Radio) BELGIUM „massimiliano pagliara remix for me, cool melodic tune.“ Radio Nice FRANCE „Superb original track with nice remixes ! FULL SUPPORT !“”

Fort Romeau — “Heaven & Earth” on PERMANENT VACATION

Andrew Weatherhall: “I'm particularly diggin' that new Fort Romeau you sent over. All of it. Will be played in the discos.”

Bawrut: “Feeling the first track here, Just. Will try that out.”

Jacques Greene: “I'm so into the new Fort Romeau record. The kind of tracks that make me so excited for the next time I get to DJ. These should be so so so so silly, but they all really work in their own way the Italo and trance stuff is outrageous, more club music should be outrageous hahaha.”

Massimiliano Pagliara: “Of course I love the new Fort Romeau!”

Perel: “This new Fort Romeau is a strong one! Very cool!”

Los Angeles — “Baby - 7" - Coloured White Vinyl” on PAULS MUSIQUE / FREERIDE MILLENIUM

DJ: “Played by Erol Alkan on The Gilles Peterson Show at BBC6 Support by: Cole Medina; Bottin (Bearfunk); Justin Wilson, clemente; Popsicle; Craig Smith; Sebastien Chenut; Christian Pronovost; Billy Scurry; Inigo Vontier (Correspondant); Duncan Gray (Tici Taci); Peo Watson (Family Name); Demian (Correspondant); Maetrik/Maceo Plex; Erol Alkan; Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco); Tuomas Salmela (Cocoon, 20:20 Vision); Andrew Claristidge (Record Makers); Timothy Clerkin (Heretic); Chris Fortier; Neil Parnell (Tronik Youth); Ben Davis (Flash Atkins); ”

MEDIA: “Clandestino on KMAH Radio Leeds Melodic Distraction UK; Bruzz FM Belgium; Playgournd @Studio Brussels 44100Hz Social club Spain ”

New releases


released Friday Oct 15, 2021

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